Harbour Fields has developed very strong methods for executive search. Based on years of working and life experience, we search for candidates with the underlying purpose and business needs of our client firmly in mind. Our strength lies in our pragmatic, clear-cut and effective approach. Harbour Fields is specialized in identifying the candidate who can lift your company to the next level, rather than finding a candidate merely on the basis that he or she fits a profile. Finding experience and recognizing talent requires experience and talent.

We begin with the end in mind

Understanding from the very beginning which purpose, is at the core of our candidate search, and requires a full commitment to your company. It also requires experience in dealing with corporate development and facilitating profitable growth and change. In order to solve the issue underhand, we function as a trusted sparring partner for senior management and dare to challenge the obvious. We unravel the situation in a joint effort, and analyse what and who creates the best potential to achieve your business goals.

Bright and hands-on

Once we have identified your business needs and defined a plan of action, we swiftly push forward to find candidates.

We are emotionally committed; our policy of assigning two experienced consultants to every case means that we provide our service in a personal, informal yet professional way. It enables us to be in direct contact with both client and candidate, and inform him or her about the process, so as to act on feedback and adapt our strategy if required. We represent your company and tell your story, based on a thorough understanding. Our way of working is pragmatic, transparent and open, and allows you to follow the progress and see what we are doing. In short, our approach is clear-cut and effective. We tell you what we do and we do what we tell you.

Work and Life Experience, beyond knowledge and skills

Our objective is to identify and present well-qualified candidates who we trust will contribute significantly to your organisations’ future profitable growth. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to look beyond knowledge and skills of the candidates. We consider whether the candidate fits within your organisation and the future management team. We also investigate if the candidate is the suitable person to fulfil the mission he or she will be set out to complete.

Continuous Change

Harbour Fields is the right choice when change is crucial. We assess what phase your organisation is in, and know what it takes to lift it to the next level. We can also support you in establishing a management team for your new Dutch entity. Harbour Fields is adept at finding the executive who can deliver change and a vision to the future.

Bright and hands-on
Bright and hands-on