Executive search

Harbour Fields consultants have an emotional commitment to fulfill your business needs in a professional way, starting with thoroughly understanding your business needs. We combine this seamlessly with a process of finding and attracting the best for your company. We consult with both client and candidate constantly, representing the client towards the candidate. We know how to tell a compelling story to potential candidates and address any concerns they might have. At the same time, we ensure that you attract only the very best, by comparing personality, experience and background. Importantly, we ensure closure and have an onboarding program to ensure our responsibility.

On the surface, our approach appears to be the same as that of conventional consultants in the market. In reality, cooperating with Harbour Fields is a very refreshing experience, as our clients confirm and new clients will experience.

This section gives a full explanation of our search procedure, from understanding your business needs through to closure and onboarding. Click on each phase for a detailed description.

Understanding your business needs

In order to define the end towards which we contribute, we need to thoroughly assess your business needs. This does not merely include direct concerns, but also future developments. Our briefing session with you is an emotional commitment to complete the assignment fully in a professional way. This process is crucial to the success of the assignment, as it enables us to plan our research with a thorough understanding of:

  • the current structure of the company, as well as its philosophy, future aims and market position.
  • the mission and overall responsibilities that are tied to the position.
  • the candidate profile that fits seamlessly with the above, and expected compensation.

This analysis of business needs and required characteristics of the candidate are summarised in a Job & Company profile, approved by the client to be presented to potential candidates. The end that we have in mind from the very beginning goes beyond the candidate; the candidate is part of the greater picture, which we need to see beforehand.

Finding the Best

The analysis of how and where the candidate is expected to fit in enables us to plan our research throughout with a well-grounded understanding of the situation. We dare to go off the beaten track to find potentially suitable candidates. Harbour Fields consultants combine a strong local network in the Dutch market with global search capabilities. By internal and external survey, we make an inventory of the individuals who qualify for the position. We make use of our own candidate database as well as systematically researching previously selected sectors of business and professional groups. Finally, we consult industry sources, who are trusted confidantes of Harbour Fields and have profound insight in relevant companies and functional groups.

Approaching candidates

At Harbour Fields we know how to represent your company in a compelling way, whilst ensuring that candidates meet the requirements and competences needed for the position. We consider this a crucial phase in the search.

Experience is a key word in this phase: Harbour Fields consultants use their own experience to find and attract experienced individuals for your company. When we contact candidates, they feel they are dealing with peers and can discuss their background, expectations and potential with confidence and on an equal level. This is important in order to attract and retain the very best.

We work with two consultants on every assignment, ensuring not only continuity for our clients, but also ensuring an even more balanced assessment. Both consultants assess the suitability of the candidate, using competence-based interviewing techniques, as well as following gut feel, based on years of working and life experience. We focus on the decisions that candidates have made in their (working) lives and how they have addressed certain issues in the past.
During this process, our clients receive regular tailor-made progress reports, orally and/or in writing.

Presenting candidates

Harbour Fields will prepare a confidential candidate report on candidates, who are eventually brought into contact with our client after the previous phase. The report concerns personal and professional information on the candidate, as well as an evaluation of the potential that the candidate brings to the position in question. During this phase, we assist in the interview stage as well as in the final negotiation with the candidate who is finally chosen.

Ensuring closure

A mutual fit is not yet a mutual agreement and does not amount to closure. During the previous stages our consultants have developed trust and a relationship with and between both sides. They then use this as a basis to address remaining uncertainties and minimize possible barriers concerning departure and transition. Only if this is done attentively and correctly, can closure be ensured.


Once an agreement has been reached with the selected candidate, we keep in contact with the candidate and client throughout the initial period in the new position to facilitate the integration. After 6 to 12 months, the hired candidate and the client are interviewed.

We begin with the end in mind
We begin with the end in mind